We also pay attention to environmental sustainability for the future of our generations.

Barbera oranges are produced in citrus groves where the water system is among the most efficient in Italy. Thanks to this irrigation technology, our fruit is produced with 30% less water than the average of other citrus groves in southern Italy. This reduces co2 emissions and lessens the water impact of producing oranges. Our farm is powered by renewable energy, by a system of photovoltaic panels that allows us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions due to energy production.

Our crops are managed using innovative farming methods that look at environmental sustainability. We are experimenting with farming techniques that respect the natural ecosystem that surrounds our crops. We implement non-invasive practices that improve the health of the soil, allowing us to capture organic matter that is essential for recreating humus and restoring fertility to the soil, while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and transferring it to the soil. We are increasing biodiversity to increase the presence of pollinators and other useful insects to restore balance to the ecosystem. After harvesting, in order to reduce the energy used in the conventional process of packing and processing the boxes, we do not divide the fruit by its size but package it as it grows naturally on the tree, minimising handling while ensuring the fruit is healthy.