Alessandro Barbera, a young Sicilian entrepreneur, after decades of life experience abroad, chose to return to his homeland, Sicily, to dedicate himself to the cultivation of blood oranges and prickly pears. Today, Azienda Agricola Aragona is an innovative company with a focus on sustainable production. It is located in Sicily on the slopes of the volcano Etna in an area rich in water and mineral salts, in a microclimate ideal for the cultivation of blood oranges.

"We grow citrus fruits, prickly pears, almonds and olives with passion, blending Sicilian traditions with technological innovations that allow us to produce healthy, controlled and sustainable fruit. We harvest and ship the fruit the same day to ensure maximum freshness and bring the scent, flavour and quality of Sicily to our customers' tables."

Azienda Agricola Aragona di Barbera Alessandro

Pond and new citrus grove at the foot of the Etna volcano

Citrus grove and windbreak of olive trees adjacent to the river banks 

Citrus grove on the west side and view of the Etna volcano

Sicilian Red Orange from Barbera citrus groves

Picking citrus fruits by hand

Bridge built at the beginning of the 20th century linking the Cavalera district with the Aragona district.

Source of water gushing out of lava gorges